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60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life, The
By Erica  Orloff, Kathy  Levinson,
Publisher : Financial Times Prentice Hall
Pub Date : October 03, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-047728-1
Pages : 240

The 60-Second Commute is the start-to-finish sourcebook for everyone with a home office-or a dream. It brings together practical solutions for childcare, balancing work and family, health insurance, managing your time, organizing your office, marketing, technology, budgeting, vacations , taxes, incorporation, and more. It's all you need to make working at home productive, profitable, and personally satisfying .

I l @ ve RuBoard
I l @ ve RuBoard

¢   Table of Contents
60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life, The
By Erica  Orloff, Kathy  Levinson,
Publisher : Financial Times Prentice Hall
Pub Date : October 03, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-047728-1
Pages : 240

      Praise for The 60-Second Commute
      FINANCIAL TIMES Prentice Hall
      Financial Times Prentice Hall Books
        About Erica
        About Kathy
        About the 60-Second Commute
        How This Book is Laid Out
      Chapter  1.   Next Stop ”Home
        Is Working on Your Own Right for You?
        Do You Have the Right Stuff?
        Get on Board
      Chapter  2.   Creating a Space for Your 60-Second Commute
        A Room with a View ”of the Laundry
        A Room with a Door
        The Kid Zone
        Honey, Stop Talking to Me
        Work and Play
        Equipment Concerns
        Ergonomics: Keeping Comfortable in Your Home Office
        The 60-Second Office: Your Style
      Chapter  3.   Technology: 60-Second Commute Essentials
        Equipment and Gadgets
        Communication Lines: The 'Net and Phones
      Chapter  4.   The 24/7 Lifestyle: Time Management in the Home Office
        Time Where Does It Go?
        Organized from the Start
        Body Clock Blues: Beating Them through Time Management
        Java Jolts
        Quiet Time
        Shutting the Door, Even if You Don't Have One
        Time Management in Your Personal Life
        "Plan B": When a Good Day Goes Bad ” Very Bad
        Bargaining in the Home Office Boardroom
        Time Management and Productivity
        Only 24 Hours in a Day: Overbooking Time
        Procrastination: We Saved It for Last
      Chapter  5.   Organization: How To Get Your Act Together
        How Organized Are You (Really)?
        Building a System of Organization in Five Quick Steps
        Invasion of the Little People in Your Home Office
        Rhythm of the Household
      Chapter  6.   Professionalism in the Home Office
        You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time
        Letterhead, Business Cards, and Brochures: Make Them "Sing"
      Chapter  7.   Get the Ball Rolling: Business and Budget Plans
        Start-up Options
        Getting the Paperwork Right the First Time
        Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Articles of Incorporation
        Your Business Plan
        Three Ways to Write a Business Plan
        Giving Your Business a Name
        Employer Identification Number (EIN)
        Registering a Website
        Disaster Plans for Your Business
        Have Map, Will Travel
      Chapter  8.   Taxes: Don't Get Caught Asleep at the Wheel
        Your Accountant
        Jumping Off Point
        Deciding on Your Tax Year
        Which Accounting Method Should You Use?
        Keeping It Simple
        Taking a Look at Your Track Record
        Home Office Deductions
        Determining Your Partial Deductions
        Business Deductions
        Explanation of Typical Business Deductions and Expenses
        Erase These Items Off Your Deductions List
        Self-Employment Tax
        Child Care Tax Credit
        When to File Your Tax Return and What Forms to Use
        Who Pays Quarterly Taxes?
        An Independent Contractor or an Employee?
        The Important Month of January
        Where Can You Get These Forms?
        Flying Below the Radar
        Do Sole Proprietors Run a Higher Risk of Being Audited by the IRS?
        Commonly Asked Questions
      Chapter  9.   Legal Eagles: Understanding Your Business and the Law
        Hiring Your Lawyer
        Making Sure You're in the Zone
        Business Licenses and Permits
        Intellectual Properties
        Trade Secrets
        Public Domain
        Nondisclosure Agreements
        Commonly Asked Legal Questions
        Keeping Your Eye on the Prize
      Chapter  10.   Insurance in the Home Office
        Health Insurance
        Long- Term Disability
        Home and Renters' Insurance
        Life Insurance
        Finding an Agent/Insurance
      Chapter  11.   Pink Slip Blues
        The Party's Over
        Trouble in Paradise
        What to Do BEFORE You Lose Your Job
        Your First Five Steps After Losing Your Job
        Don't Be Bamboozled
        Red Flags for a Possible Scam
        Turning Lemons into Lemonade
      Chapter  12.   Child Care: Life on the High Wire
        Can You Go it Alone?
        The My Time, Your Time, Our Time Rule
        How Do You Know What You Need?
        The Menu of Child Care Options
        The Difference Between a Nanny and an Au Pair
        Taxable Nanny
        The Difference Between Family Day Care and Day Care Centers
        Tot Drops and Mother's Day Out
        Babysitting Co-Op
        Who's Watching the Kids ”The ABC's of Background Checks
        Coming Face-to-Face
        Crib Sheets
        Special Instructions
        Making Your Best Choice
      Chapter  13.   Strategies for Hanging in When the Going Gets Tough
        Pep-Talking Yourself When You Only Hear an Echo
        Ten Things to Do When Hard Times Happen
        Remember These Guys?
      Chapter  14.   Telecommuting Proposals: Getting into the Home Office
        Getting Your Boss to Let You Do the 60-Second Slide to the Office
        Flex Your Flexibility
        Beware of Backlash
        Overdoing It
      Chapter  15.   Marketing Yourself and Your Small Business
        Networking is the Name of the Game
        PR Tips
        The Success Monster
      Appendix  A.   Government Resources
      Appendix  B.   Organizations And Associations
      Appendix  C.   Start-up Assistance
      Appendix  D.   Web Hot Spots
        Child Care
        Job Hunting
        Talkin' Trash:
        Trademark and Intellectual Properties
        Women in Business
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