Referring to More Than a Single Cell


Sometimes you need to refer to a group of cells, not just a single cell. For example, some formulas discussed in Recipe 1.10 take more than a single cell as an argument. Thus you need to know the syntax for referring to more than one cell.


Use cell ranges .


A cell range is simply a contiguous group of cells in rows or columns, or both. For example, the cell reference A1:A10 refers to the range of cells in column A from row 1 to row 10. The colon character (:) is used to indicate a range reference. The reference A1:B10 refers to the range of cells from column A row 1 to column B row 10. Technically speaking, the cell reference A1 is itself a range of only a single cell; thus, in a sense, all cell references can be thought of as ranges.

See Also

See Recipe 1.10 for examples on where ranges are required as function arguments.

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