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enhancing lan performance, fourth edition
Enhancing LAN Performance, Fourth Edition
byGilbert Held ISBN:0849319420
Auerbach Publications 2004 (480 pages)

This book explores the technical issues underlying local area network (LAN) performance, developing mathematical models that readers can apply to their own specific networking requirements.

Table of Contents
Enhancing LAN Performance, Fourth Edition
Chapter 1 - LAN Performance Issues
Chapter 2 - Ethernet, Token Ring, and ATM Frame and Cell Operations
Chapter 3 - Estimating Network Traffic
Chapter 4 - Understanding and Applying Waiting Line Analysis
Chapter 5 - Sizing Communications Equipment and Line Facilities
Chapter 6 - Using the Availability Level as a Decision Criterion
Chapter 7 - Estimating Ethernet Network Performance
Chapter 8 - Estimating Token Ring Network Performance
Chapter 9 - ATM Performance
Chapter 10 - Working with Images
Chapter 11 - Using Intelligent Switches
Chapter 12 - LAN Monitoring Tools
Chapter 13 - Transmission Optimization Techniques
Appendix A - Review Problems
List of Figures
List of Tables

Providing up-to-date information on practical methods that improve network efficiency, this book covers how to estimate network traffic, determine availability and reliability of different network configurations, and ascertain the number of ports required on access controllers. It also tackles the line speed of WAN connections linking routes and how to work with images and techniques used to optimize online traffic. The fourth edition covers the economics of Web-hosting and the impact of images on monthly server costs. The author discusses how to make cost-efficient decisions, how to develop models in order to predict LAN performance, and how to adjust LANs for improved performance.

Enhancing LAN Performance, Fourth Edition

Gilbert Held

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In several books I have alluded to the fact that the development of a book is a team effort, and this book is certainly no exception.

As the author, I am directly responsible for the contents of this book. However, the many processes involved from its acquisition through its production require the skills and efforts of many individuals. Thus, I would be remiss if I did not take the time to acknowledge those individuals who certainly contributed to the development and production of this book.

As an old-fashioned writer, I like to work with pen and paper and use my notebook computer for those really labor- intensive operations, such as developing programs whose execution saves hours or days of hand-held calculator effort. In addition, the use of pen and paper provides me with the ability to easily modify drawings, which is especially convenient when encountering turbulence at 30,000 feet or when the notebook "battery low" warning light illuminates. While it is easy for me to use pen and paper to develop a manuscript, it truly takes a special talent to turn that draft manuscript into a professional manuscript complete with camera-ready illustrations. Once again, I am indebted to Linda Hayes for her fine effort in preparing the manuscript for submission.

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Gilbert Held
Macon, Georgia