Starting iTunes

As with many Apple programs, you have multiple ways to launch iTunes. You might double-click the application file on your hard drive, located in the Applications folder. You could simply insert a music CD into your drive, which will automatically start iTunes. For the purposes of this lesson, single-click the iTunes icon that resides in the Dock.

First-Time Use

Christopher uses iTunes all the time. But if this is the first time you've launched iTunes, the program's iTunes Setup Assistant will direct you through a series of windows.


Click the iTunes icon in the Dock.


Click Agree in the software license agreement window (but only if you mean it).


Click Next in each window to use iTunes' default settings. These settings, by the way, are pretty smartly selected. The only one you might want to skip is the one asking if you want to go to the Apple Music Store. You don't need to go there now, and can easily go later to download songs when you're ready.


Click Done. This concludes the set up and will take you right into iTunesa clean, empty space where you can begin your lesson.

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