Lesson 3. Organizing and Refining Your Photos

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Approximately 90 minutes


Learn how to make custom albums of photographs


Organize your photographs within albums and folders


Improve and adjust the look of your photographs

When you start taking lots of digital photos of all the different events in your life, you'll want to keep them organized. Just as with traditional photography, you can create albums of digital photographs. One important difference is that digital albums are a lot more powerful. In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of organizing your collection into albums and making those photos look as good as can be, ultimately leading up to sharing them with friends and family.

As you move through this lesson, you'll become familiar with each of the photography projects going on at the studio. Charlie, for instance, is busy in the back room, illustrating a report he wants to make for his class on the ceramic process. Consequently, he's shooting steps in the journey from a plain white object to a finished piece. Christopher, the father, is busy shooting his daughter's birthday party. Meanwhile, Jennifer, the studio owner, takes only a few shots, combining these images with those she's been collecting over the prior weeks and months. She's always looking to shoot images of inspiring customers' pieces and interesting events around her studio, and from time to time she illustrates a particular technique to help educate other customers.

Regardless of their individual agendas, all three characters will go through similar processes to organize their photographs.

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