What s in This Book

What's in This Book

PC User's Bible contains eight parts:

Part I: Choosing Your Computer

This part offers guidelines for selecting and buying a new computer. It describes the relative advantages and disadvantages of laptop and desktop computers, explains where and how to buy the computer you really want or need, how to choose individual features and options, and how to evaluate the warranty.

Part II: Understanding Your Computer's Components

This part explains how a computer works and what each of the essential components contributes to the overall system. Among other things, it describes the central processor, the memory, the BIOS, hard drives, and many other components and how they all work together to move data around and perform useful work.

Part III: Using Your Desktop Computer

This part describes the appearance and locations of all the features and options inside and outside a desktop computer. It also explains how to control power consumption and how to increase the computer's operating speed by overclocking the CPU and the graphics controller.

Part IV: Using Your Laptop Computer

This part tells you how to choose a new laptop, what each of the controls and switches can do for you, and how to use the special keys that often appear in laptop computer keyboards. It also includes information about getting the most life out of your laptop batteries and how to use PC Cards and ExpressCards.

Part V: Improving Your Computer's Performance

This part contains a guide to setting up the computer for faster operation and improving the image on your monitor screen. It includes many tweaks that can make the difference between an adequate system and one that gives you the best possible performance. This part also contains information about adapting a computer for users with special needs.

Part VI: Putting Your Computer to Work

This part explains how to work with Microsoft Windows and how to use printers, scanners, projectors, and digital cameras with your computer. It also describes other operating systems as alternatives to Windows, how to set up automatic scheduling, and how to synchronize your data files between two or more computers.

Part VII: Using Your Computer for Communications

This part explains how to use the computer as a terminal for exchanging information with other people through a local network, a telephone line, and the Internet. It contains instructions for faxing through the computer, connecting to the Internet, and using virtual private networks.

Part VIII: Security and Maintenance

This part explains how to protect your computer against theft and how to install and use firewalls, antivirus and anti-spyware software. It also includes advice about preventive maintenance and a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting.

PC User's Bible
PC Users Bible
ISBN: 0470088974
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 372

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