Test Everything While It s Under Warranty

Test Everything While It's Under Warranty

Every new computer comes with a warranty, so it's in your best interest to test every possible hardware feature and function while you can still return it for free repair or replacement. During the first month after you get a new computer, try to run it through an exhaustive series of tests.

As you use your computer, make a note of anything that does not appear to be working properly. Try all of the computer's optional features and functions, including the things you don't normally use. If you discover a problem, note the programs that were running and the actions you took when the malfunction occurred.

In addition to your regular use of the computer, run some diagnostic tests on the computer's memory. These memory diagnostic programs are available at no charge through the Internet:

  • Windows Memory Diagnostic: http://www.oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp

  • Memtest86: http://www.memtest86.com

  • Memtest86+: http://www.memtest.org

These three programs are all memory tests that can confirm that none of the computer's memory modules are defective. They're used most often to test and diagnose memory problems when the POST fails or Windows produces memory-related error messages, but they're also helpful for testing a new computer. All three programs perform similar tests, so you only need to run one of them.

Any new computer should pass these tests with no problems. If you discover that your system fails a test or a component does not appear to work properly, contact the retailer or manufacturer immediately and let them know that you have a problem. A reputable company should do whatever might be necessary to fix your computer at their expense.

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