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The quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour . The answers to the questions follow.



What properties return the location of the mouse in the movie?


To answer just _xmouse and _ymouse is not enough. This would return the location relative to the movie clip if the code is inside a movie clip. However, _root._xmouse and _root._ymouse give you the location relative to the movie.


What movie clip handler tells you when the cursor enters the movie clip?


There is none. You have to constantly check for it yourself using variables and hitTest .


What does the command myMovieClip.swapDepths(99999) do?


This places the movie clip myMovieClip at level 99999. If nothing is above that level, the movie clip appears on top of everything else. If something is already at level 999999, it will now be at the previous level of the movie clip.


What ActionScript do you need to make animated custom cursors ?


You need the same ActionScript that you would need to make a static custom cursor. However, the movie clip with the cursor would need to be more than one frame with an animation.

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