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Type EXPAND followed by the source file and then the destination folder. If you want to select an individual file to extract from a cab file, type EXPAND followed by the cab filename, /F: followed without a space by the name of the file within the cab file, the destination folder, and then the /y switch if desired. The source cannot use wildcards, but the name of a file within a cab file can use wildcards. If you do not specify a destination folder, the current folder is used.

For example, to expand the Drvspace.bin file from within the C:\Windows\Options\Cabs\Base4.cab file to the root directory (realizing that this file is from Windows 98 and wouldn't actually be expanded using the Recovery Console), from the C:\ prompt type:

EXPAND \Windows\Options\Cabs\Base4.cab /F:drivespace.bin C:\

Entering the destination was optional because the command was run from the C:\ prompt. Recall that EXPAND uses the current folder if the destination folder isn't specified.

Switches and Parameters

/d: Lists the files within the cabinet file. Performs no action on the file. Not recommended for use on folders with large number of files.

/y: Normally, you are prompted to confirm that you want to overwrite files in the destination; /y turns off these prompts.

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