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stealing the network: how to own a continent
Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent
by 131ah, Russ Rogers, Jay Beale et al.   ISBN:1931836051
Syngress Publishing © 2004

This book outlines a fictional plot to "own the box" by compromising an entire continent's network infrastructure. It combines a set of stories with real technology to show readers the danger that lurks in the shadows of the information security industry.

Table of Contents
Stealing the Network”How to Own a Continent
Chapter 1 - Control Yourself
Chapter 2 - The Lagos Creeper Box
Chapter 3 - Product of Fate: The Evolution of a Hacker
Chapter 4 - A Real Gullible Genius
Chapter 5 - For Whom Ma Bell Tolls
Chapter 6 - Return on Investment
Chapter 7 - h3X and The Big Picture
Chapter 8 - The Story of Dex
Chapter 9 - Automatic Terror Machine
Chapter 10 - Get Out Quick
Appendix - The Making of STC
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Stealing the Network. How to Own a Continent
Stealing the Network. How to Own a Continent
ISBN: 1931836051
Year: 2004
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