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cobol and visual basic on .net: a guide for the reformed mainframe programmer
COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET: A Guide for the Reformed Mainframe Programmer
by Chris Richardson   ISBN:1590590481
Apress © 2003

This book is designed as a comprehensive guide to help intermediate to advanced mainframe programmers successfully complete a .NET retraining effort and leave the mainframe.

Table of Contents
COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET”A Guide for the Reformed Mainframe Programmer
Part I - The Mainframe Paradigm Shift
Chapter 1 - Your Future with COBOL
Chapter 2 - What Is .NET?
Chapter 3 - .NET Retraining Prerequisites, Part 1
Chapter 4 - .NET Retraining Prerequisites, Part 2
Part II - .NET Programming Essentials
Chapter 5 - Inside the .NET Integrated Development Environment
Chapter 6 - The Nuts and Bolts of .NET Programming
Chapter 7 - The .NET Framework
Chapter 8 - The .NET Common Language Runtime
Chapter 9 - Creating and Using Objects
Part III - Reading, Writing, and Describing Data
Chapter 10 - A New Perspective Toward Data
Chapter 11 - Database Programming with .NET
Chapter 12 - XML in a Managed Environment
Part IV - Interfacing and Interacting with the User
Chapter 13 - Windows Forms, Web Forms, and No Forms
Chapter 14 - Adding Value to Your Interface
Chapter 15 - Managing Cache and State for ASP.NET
Chapter 16 - Reporting and Information Delivery
Chapter 17 - Deploying Your .NET Application
Part V - Advanced .NET Technologies
Chapter 18 - Configuration for .NET Applications
Chapter 19 - Using Enterprise Services (COM+)
Chapter 20 - Developing for the Enterprise
Part VI - Appendixes
Appendix A - Debugging and Testing
Appendix B - A Sharp Primer: C# and J#
Appendix C - Religion, Landmines, and Distractions
Appendix D - Fujitsu's NetCOBOL for .NET
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COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET
COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET: A Guide for the Reformed Mainframe Programmer
ISBN: 1590590481
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 204
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