Chapter 11. Sending and Reading Email

Chapter Contents

  • Choosing an email program and getting started

  • Reading email with pine

  • Sending email with pine

  • Customizing pine

  • Reading email with mutt

  • Sending email with mutt

  • Reading email with mail

  • Sending email with mail

  • Creating a signature file

  • Automatically forwarding incoming messages

  • Announcing an absence

  • Configuring procmail

  • Responding to email with procmail

If you're anything like us, your whole day revolves around getting goodies in your email in-box and sending "highly important" messages (of course, they're important, right?). In any case, sending and receiving email will probably be rather common tasks in your Unix experience.

In this chapter, we'll introduce you to a few Unix email programs and show you how to get started with them. (Of course, just use the instructions that apply to the program you're using!) Then, we'll show you some clever things you can do with email in Unix, such as creating signature files and sending automatic vacation email replies.

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