Scrolling Text

In this section, you'll use the Offset effect much as you might use the Position property, to animate text so that it appears to scroll across the screen. In addition, you'll use a blending mode to integrate the text with the background:


Press Home to return to time 0:00, and then set the following properties in the Character palette:

Font Family: Arial Black

Font Size: 48 pixels

Fill Color: None

Stroke Color: White

Stroke Width: 1.5

Tracking: 0


To create a text layer in the middle of the comp, choose Layer > New > Text, and then type the company name: ESTORSYS.

Settings for the company logo


In the Timeline's Modes column, set the text layer's Blending Mode to Classic Color Dodge. This gives the letters a pink color, which you'll change in a few steps.

Setting the text layer's Blending Mode


Apply Effect > Distort > Offset to the text layer.


Still at time 0:00, add a keyframe to the effect's Shift Center To property with a value of 160, 120.


Press the End key to go to the end of the Timeline at time 4:29, and then change the Shift Center To value to 160, 120.


Select the ESTORSYS layer, choose Layer > Pre-Compose, and click OK.


Set the pre-composed layer's Blending Mode to Classic Color Burn. Now the layer's pink color changes to blue hues that complement the background.

Save the composition, and then preview your results. Once the blue gradient is behind the text, you should see the background text scrolling from right to left in a continuous loop.

The company name scrolls from right to left

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