Creating Layers of Text

Your first task is to create and position the layers of text that you'll animate into the scene in the next section. Your main objective is to create a line of text that spans the width of the composition; so, you can type any words you like, or you can type the text we specify in step 2.

Follow these steps:


Select the Horizontal Type tool, and set its properties in the Character and Paragraph palettes:

Font Family: Arial

Text Size: 18

Fill Color: white (RGB: 255, 255, 255)

Alignment: Center Text

Settings for the Horizontal Type tool


Type Which came first: art or the artist? The idea, or the inspiration for the idea? or other text that covers the entire width of the composition once it's positioned in the next step.


Set the text layer's Position to 5, 20 so the line of text starts in the upper-left corner of the Composition window.

The first text layer's position


Duplicate the text layer seven times, so you have a total of eight layers. Set their Position properties as listed here:

Layer 1: 5, 20

Layer 2: 5, 50

Layer 3: 5, 80

Layer 4: 5, 110

Layer 5: 5, 140

Layer 6: 5, 170

Layer 7: 5, 200

Layer 8: 5, 230

The text layers' landing positions

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