Chapter 13. Dynamic Templates with Kid

In This Chapter

  • 13.1 Creating Dynamic Templates with Kid 210

  • 13.2 Beyond the Basics: Keeping Your Templates DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) 215

  • 13.3 Bringing It All Together 220

  • 13.4 Summary 222

Kid is designed to help you create XML documents safely and easily. The most common use for Kid is to create XHTML output for the browser, but as you've already seen, Kid can be used to create RSS. The possibilities don't stop there. You can create XML-RPC, SOAP, Atom, RelaxNGreally any kind of XMLsafely and easily.

Don't let the simplicity of many of the examples in this book fool you. Kid has all the power you need to write powerful and dynamic templates that can handle any complexity you throw at them.

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