Monitoring Appointments, Tasks, and Notes

Users often fail to keep their calendars up to date, and even though a Busy Search may show that they are available, they may not be. After you send an appointment, you should monitor the status of the message to find out whether it has been accepted, declined, or delegated (or simply ignored).

If a recipient has declined the message and has provided a comment explaining why, that comment appears in the message status information, not as a message in your mailbox. (See Chapter 5, "Message Management," for more information on checking the status of sent items.)

To see whether the recipients have accepted, declined, or delegated a message, and to view their comments, follow these steps:


Open your Sent Items folder.


Right-click the appointment item and choose Properties. (You can also open the message and click on the Properties tab.)

You can use these steps to see whether users have accepted, declined, or completed the items you have invited them to and delegated to them.

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