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X.See X Window system

X display manager, configuring with Debian GNU/Linux, 165-166

X servers, choosing, 47-49

X Window connection forwarding, enabling with OpenSSH, 203

X Window desktop environment, changing with Slackware Linux, 134-135

X Window protocol, explanation of, 45

X Window system

and the desktop, 86-88

explanation of, 44-49

GNOME and KDE in, 46-47

inclusion in Slackware Linux, 114

layered GUI model of, 45-47

network transparency of, 45

starting, 115

typical location of, 39-40

using with Slackware Linux, 121-122

widget set in, 46

xcdroast Red Hat program, using with CDs, 319

Xconfiguration XFree86 tool

purpose of, 87

using with Slackware Linux, 122

xdpyinfo XFree86 tool, purpose of, 87

xev XFree86 tool, purpose of, 87


role in usage of 3D graphics cards, 315

versions of, 30

X server and library set in, 48

XFree86 core library package

and Debian GNU/Linux, 160

and Red Hat Linux distribution, 87-88

and Slackware Linux, 121-122

usage with Red Hat Linux 7/3, 85

xfs service, meaning of, 100

xinetd configuration file parameters, using with CVS and Red Hat Linux, 270

xinetd program

configuring for use with CVS, 269

managing with CVS, 271-272

usage with Red Hat Linux, 97-98

XMMS (X Multimedia System), explanation of, 321

Xsession script, using with Slackware Linux, 134-135

xvidtune XFree86 tool, purpose of, 87

X.Y.Z. numbering scheme of Linux kernel, explanation of, 33

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