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l-k mailing list, accessing, 415-416

LDP (Linux Documentation Project) web site, 96

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License), purpose of, 24

lib Apache installation subdirectory, contents of, 242

/lib directory

Red Hat comments about, 70

typical contents of, 38

libc6 core library package, advisory about, 160

libfoo.o nomenclature, explanation of, 44

libstdc++ software development tool, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 340

libvorbis RPM packages, contents of, 320


advisory about, 25-26

Apache license, 25

BSD (Berkeley Systems Distribution), 23-24

GPL (General Public License), 22-23

LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License), 24

MPL (Mozilla Public License), 25

perusing prior to installation of distributions, 174

LILO (Linux Loader), explanation of, 92


benefits of, 11-13

as desktop operating system, 50

and GNU, 8-12

versus GNU/Linux, 13-14

motivations and goals of, 14

as operating system, 8

origin of, 3-5

Linux Continuum, explanation of, 29-30

Linux distributions. See also distributions, Debian GNU/Linux, Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux comparing, 156-157

explanation of, 31

filesystem layouts of, 37-40

learning in ten easy steps, 169-170

update pages for, 405

Linux Documentation Project web site, 337

Linux gaming forum web site, 323-324

linux-kernal list, accessing, 415-416

Linux kernel. See also kernels determining stability of, 34

dynamics of, 33-35

and init program, 41

for Red Hat Linux 7/3, 54-55

versions of, 30

loadable module support, enabling for Apache HTTP Server, 237-238

local nameserver, installing in Red Hat Linux firewall case study, 394-396

local network mask field in Dante SOCKS library configuration, meaning of, 226

local network security, understanding, 350-351

login shell configuration scripts, customizing on Slackware Linux, 133-136

logresolve program in Apache bin directory, purpose of, 243-244

logs Apache installation subdirectory

contents of, 242

log files in, 246

lokkit command, usage with Red Hat, 101

lpd printer daemon, disabling with Slackware Linux, 131

ls command

location of, 39

purpose of, 9-10

LSB (Linux Standards Base), purpose of, 51

ltrace software development tool, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 340

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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