ESU Course Registration Problem Statement

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At the beginning of each semester, students may request a course catalog containing a list of course offerings for the semester. Information about each course, such as professor , department, and prerequisites will be included to help students make informed decisions.

The new system will allow students to select four course offerings for the coming semester. In addition, each student will indicate two alternative choices in case a course offering becomes filled or canceled. No course offering will have more than ten students or fewer than three students. A course offering with fewer than three students will be canceled . Once the registration process is completed for a student, the registration system sends information to the billing system so the student can be billed for the semester.

Professors must be able to access the online system to indicate which courses they will be teaching, and to see which students signed up for their course offerings.

For each semester, there is a period of time that students can change their schedule. Students must be able to access the system during this time to add or drop courses.

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