Using the Loop Browser in Podcast Sounds View

You'll be using the Loop Browser extensively throughout this book. Rather than search for music loops at this time, let's try something new to GarageBand 3 and browse the Podcast Sounds.


Click the Podcast Sounds View button to change the Loop Browser to the Podcast Sounds view.

The podcast sounds in the Loop Browser are neatly organized by Jingles, Stingers, Sound Effects, and Favorites. The Jingles and Stingers are prere-corded musical pieces you can use for your podcasts or videos. The Sound Effects can also come in handy for all types of projects including songs. Since this project was inspired by nature, adding some nature ambience to the piece would be nice.


In the first column of the Browser, click Sound Effects.

The Sound Effects column appears to the right, listing different sound effect categories.

The song 1-1 Alaska Sunrise could use some forest ambience with cheerful chirping birds to go with the mood of the music.


Select Ambience from the Sound Effects column.

The results list shows 14 different ambience sound effects.


The blue icon next to each of the sound effects indicates that it is a Real Instrument loop.


Click any of the sound effects in the results list to preview (listen to) the sound.

When previewing a Real Instrument file in the Loop Browser, the entire duration of the file will play and stop automatically at the end. You can stop the preview any time by clicking the file again or selecting another file to preview.


Press the up or down arrow keys to move up or down through the results list.


Select the Forest sound effect.

This sound effect should work well with the song, but the only way to be sure is to audition it with the music.

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