Examining the Results of Risk Identification

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As the project progresses, and risk identification continues to happen, there are several outputs of risk identification:

  • Risks Of course the most obvious output of risk identification is the risk that has been successfully identified. Recall that a risk is an uncertain event or condition that possesses the potential to have a positive or negative effect on the project’s success.

  • Triggers These are warning signs or symptoms that a risk has occurred or is about to occur. For example, should a vendor fail to complete their portion of the project as scheduled, the project completion may be delayed.

  • Inputs to other processes Risk identification can contribute to other processes. For example, the WBS may not be sufficiently decomposed to allow risk identification to continue. Another example is that the current sequencing of activities has too many risks, so the rescheduling and sequencing of activities are needed. The reschedule and sequencing of activities will require risk identification to happen again.

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