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The IT Career Builder's Toolkit
By Matthew Moran
Publisher: Cisco Press
Pub Date: December 31, 2004
Print ISBN: 1-58713-156-0
Pages: 312

   About the Author
   About the Technical Reviewers
      Who Should Read This Book?
      How to Use the Toolkit
      What Is the Toolkit Approach to Career Development?
      How This Book Is Organized
    Part I:  An Introduction to Career Building
          Chapter 1.  The Toolkit Approach to Career Development
      Justifying the Need for an IT Toolkit
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 2.  Career Building Defined
      The Danger of a Tool-Driven Mindset
      A Job Is Not a Career
      Career Building Conclusion
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 3.  Information Technology: A Great Career
      Why IT Is a Great Career
      What About Outsourcing?
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 4.  Defining Yourself: Aptitudes and Desires
      Considerations in Your Career Choice
      Beware: Analysis Paralysis
      Actions & Ideas
    Part II:  Filling Your Toolkit
          Chapter 5.  Self-Assessment
      The Power of Self-Assessment
      The Dangers of Self-Assessment
      Four Questions of Self-Assessment
      Conclusion: Making It Personal
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 6.  Attitude
      The Effect of Attitude on Your Career
      Positive Mental Attitude
      Beware: Two Pitfalls of Attitude
      The Role of Attitude
      Attitude Checks
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 7.  Communication Skills
      Defining Communication Skills
      The Benefit of Communication Skills: An Effective Communicator Is Viewed as More Intelligent
      Written Communications
      Verbal Communication
      Presentations and Training
      A Brief Note on Listening
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 8.  Technical Skills
      Your Technology Skills
      The Role of Learning
      The Fear of Obsolescence
      Another Perspective: Transcendent Skills
      Reducing the Parts
      Tips to Speed Up the Learning Process
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 9.  The Cover Letter
      The Purpose of Your Cover Letter
      Three Vital Ingredients in Your Cover Letter
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 10.  The Résumé
      Your Ambassador to the Professional World
      The Purpose of Your Résumé
      Determining Who Is Looking at Your Résumé
      Résumé Basics
      Actions & Ideas
    Part III:  Putting Your Toolkit to Use
          Chapter 11.  Breaking into IT
      Correcting Perception
      IT Happens Outside of IT
      Other Avenues into IT
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 12.  Building an Active Contact List
      Enjoy People
      Develop a Personality
      Have Other Areas of Interest
      Engage in Conversation
      Track and Remember Your Contacts
      Share Opportunity
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 13.  The Job Search
      Getting What You Want Requires Wanting Something
      Defining the Job Search
      Remember: Looking for Work Is Work
      The Toolkit Approach to Finding a Job
      Job Search Outline
      A Job Search Comparison
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 14.  The Interview
      Practice Your Interview Skills
      After the Interview
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 15.  Salary Negotiations and Employment Agreements
      Start Early
      Know What You Want
      Understand the Employer's Perspective
      Be Creative
      Be Firm
      Your Worth to the Company
      Negotiations Never Fail
      Be Flexible
      Employment Agreements
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 16.  On-the-Job Promotion
      On the Job
      Maintaining and Building Your Network
      Identifying Areas for Success
      Working for a Tyrant and Other Joys
      Determine Whether Your Boss's Actions Are Personality or Personal
      Understand That People Are "Where They Are"
      Take an Objective Path to Evaluating What They Say
      Handling Criticism
      Actions & Ideas
    Part IV:  More Options to Build Your Career
          Chapter 17.  The Boundaries and Benefits of Working at Home
      Careers That Lend Themselves to Telecommuting
      The Benefits for the Employee
      The Benefits for the Employer
      The Concerns for the Employee
      The Concerns for the Employer
      Conclusion: Next Steps
      Keys to Successful Telecommuting
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 18.  The Toolkit Approach to Consulting
      The Consulting Life
      The Benefits
      The Pitfalls
      Resources for the Consultant
      CD-ROM Materials for the Consultant
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 19.  The Move to Management
      Process and Time Management
      Critical Skills You Need Now
      Actions & Ideas
    Part V:  The Value-Added Technologist
          Chapter 20.  Make Yourself Indispensable
      A Word About Value
      Being Proactive
      Understanding Technology's Role in the Organization
      Maintain a Business-First Mentality
      Create Standards, Automation, or a Programmer's Toolkit
      Create a Peer Knowledge Network
      Be Known As the Go-To Resource
      Be Ready and Willing to Take on the Necessary Responsibility
      Have Experts You Call On for Your Organization
      Be Passionate About Something!
      Never Blame, and Always Have a Corrective Plan
      Adopt Concept Over Process
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 21.  Concept Over Process
      What to Expect
      What Not to Expect
      COP Objectives
      COP Origins
      What Is a Process-Driven Mindset?
      Moving from Process Driven to Concept Driven
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 22.  The Role of Mentoring
      Mentor Characteristics
      Mentoring Others
      Actions & Ideas
          Chapter 23.  Financial Control
      The Impact of Finances on Career Building
      Financial Control Creates Options
      Financial Control Is Largely Mental
      Money Is a Tool
      Debt and Spending
      Some Basics of Financial Planning and Stability
      Actions & Ideas

The IT Career Builder's Toolkit
The IT Career Builders Toolkit
ISBN: 1587131560
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 215
Authors: Matthew Moran

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