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accessible business activities
active participation
adoption considerations for process programs
     12 common
     23 traits
     adoption depth 2nd
     application to IT
     auditing and oversight
     configuration management 2nd
     continuous improvement 2nd
     cultural shift 2nd
     customer satisfaction
     defect management 2nd
     design 2nd
     documentation requirements
     documented ROIs 2nd
     focus on customer satisfaction
     focus on quality 2nd
     legislated support 2nd
     long-term view 2nd
     management responsibility 2nd
     measurement activities
     measurement activity
     organizational oversight 2nd
     planning 2nd
     program documentation
     program recognition 2nd
     proven effectiveness 2nd
     reporting 2nd
     required actions 2nd
     required knowledge and skills 2nd
     requirements management 2nd
     resource commitments 2nd
     resource requirements
     root-cause analysis 2nd
     short-term view 2nd
     statistical process controls 2nd
     supplier management 2nd
     support community 2nd
     third-party recognition 2nd
     training 2nd
     validation 2nd
     verification and inspections
adoption depth 2nd
alternative process models
American IT
American Society for Quality
"appear in the valley," management visibility
Apple Computers
auditing and oversight

Process Improvement Essentials
Process Improvement Essentials: CMMI, Six SIGMA, and ISO 9001
ISBN: 0596102178
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 116

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