How does a message reply differ from a forwarded message?


When you reply to a message, you create a brand new message that contains new information about the recipient's original message. If you forward a recipient's message, you send the message exactly as you first read it to another recipient (or to a list of recipients).


Why doesn't Outlook send my messages immediately after I complete them?


Outlook does not send messages until you select Tools, Send/Receive. (F5 is the shortcut key for sending and receiving from all your email accounts.) If you use the Internet on a high-speed line such as DSL or in an office setting with a T1 connection, you are probably logged on to the Internet most of the time. If you use a modem to access the Internet, however, you have to initiate the logon sequence when you want to check for email.

Dialing and logging on takes time. Instead of logging on to your Internet provider every time you create an Outbox folder message, Outlook waits until you request the check for new mail to get your waiting mail and to send your outgoing mail. By waiting, Outlook only has to log on to the Internet one time to send all your messages.

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