The book begins with three chapters that cover the nuts and bolts of writing servlets and JSPs, deploying servlets and JSPs, naming or registering your servlets, and using the Ant tool.

I then explore several basic topics on web development, such as dynamically including content in web pages, uploading files, handling data that has been posted from an HTML form, reading and setting cookies, tracking sessions, and integrating JavaScript with JSPs and servlets.

Next, the book includes some more advanced recipes, such as logging messages, authenticating clients , binding attributes, working with the client request, and creating servlet filters. Chapter 20, and Chapter 21, cover two common and complex web-development tasks with 20 different recipes.

Chapter 22, and Chapter 23 describe custom tags and the JSTL. Chapter 24, discusses the crucial topic of internationalizing your web applications with servlets and JSPs.

For web developers whose web components must interact with EJBs using the Java JNDI, Chapter 25, shows how to configure JNDI in both Tomcat and WebLogic, as well as how to access JNDI objects using both servers.

The book concludes with two chapters that describe different strategies for extracting data from web sites using Java web components. Chapter 26, has recipes on harvesting or "scraping" data from web pages. Chapter 27, describes how to use Google's and's web services APIs.

Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook
Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook
ISBN: 0596005725
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 326

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