Section 139. Enter Data Using a Form

139. Enter Data Using a Form


137 Create a Form

138 Modify a Form


136 Enter Data in List View

After creating a form, you can use it to add data to the table that's associated with the form. You might have added controls to make data entry easier, such as a list box with entries from which a user can choose. Or you might simply have reorganized the fields on the form so that they follow a more natural flow. In any case, in this task, you'll learn how to use your form to enter data into its table.


Even after creating a form for a table, you can still enter some of the data using List view if you want. See 136 Enter Data in List View .

Click Forms

To add data to a table using a form, you must open the form first. Click the Forms icon in the Database pane of the Base window. A list of forms associated with the current database appears on the lower-right side of the window.

Double-Click Form

In the Forms list, double-click the form you want to use to enter data. The form opens, ready for you to add data. On the Form Navigation toolbar at the bottom of the screen, the current record number is displayed, along with a total of the records in the table.

Enter Data in Record

If the table already has data in it, the data for the first record might be currently displayed in the form fields. If so, you need to clear the fields and start a new record so that you can enter new data. To do that, click the New Record button on the Form Navigation toolbar.

Enter data in the first field. If the first field is an auto value , its value will be automatically updated for each record you create, so skip that field. Press Tab to move to the next field, and enter its data. Continue this process to enter data for the entire record.

139. Enter Data Using a Form


You can skip any fields that do not apply to the current record by pressing Tab to bypass them.

If you have to make changes to an existing record, display that record by clicking the < or > buttons on the Form Navigation toolbar. Then make your changes and press Tab to advance to the next record. To remove the record from the table, click the Remove Record button (the red X) on the Form Navigation toolbar.

Press Tab to Begin New Record

Press Tab after entering data in the last field of the record; the record is saved and a new blank record appears. Do this even if you don't want to add a new record, because pressing Tab after the last field in a record also saves the last record. If you want to enter data for another record, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Close Form

When you're through entering data, close the form by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window. If you pressed Tab after entering data in the final record, you won't be prompted to save the table because each record you added has already been saved to the database. If prompted, however, click Yes to save the table. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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