Chapter 5. Using Writer s Advanced Features

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Chapter 5. Using Writer's Advanced Features


30 Use Mathematical Formulas in Documents

31 About Writer's Automatic Correction Tools

32 Use AutoCorrect to Improve Your Typing

33 About Headers and Footers

34 Add a Header or Footer

35 Add a Footnote or Endnote

36 Save a Document as a PDF File

If you've read some of the Writer tasks that appear earlier, you already know that Writer provides tremendous power and a lot of features. The ability to accept charts and spreadsheets with ease, for example, is enough to turn some Microsoft Word users into Writer users the next time Microsoft releases a "new" Office version for several hundred bucks (see 29 Add a Chart or Spreadsheet to a Document ).

Writer provides even more advanced features than you've already experienced if you've read tasks that came before. Despite being considered advanced, these features are simple to use. In addition to providing you the ability, for example, to put complex mathematical expressions in your documents (see 30 Use Mathematical Formulas in Documents ), Writer also can work behind the scenes, automatically making corrections as you type. This chapter provides you with the tools you'll need to take your words to their next level and to create powerful and correct documents.

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