Clip Art

Not only can Office work with text, numbers , and even Web hyperlinks , but it can also work with sound, pictures, and moving video.

Office includes a huge collection of royalty-free clip art files for personal use that you can use when you want to embed a special data item ”such as a picture or video ”into a document, spreadsheet, or Web page. When you need a graphic to spice things up, or when you want to include an attention-getting sound file in an Outlook email message, select Insert, Picture, Clip Art to access the Office clip art collection (sometimes called the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery ). The gallery includes several hundred sounds, pictures, and drawings arranged by category, as Figure 1.9 shows.

Figure 1.9. You will have no shortage of clip art to use with Office.


Perhaps one of the most impressive features from the Office clip art is that you can click the Clips Online button to link to Microsoft's clip art Web site and search for even more files to use in your documents.

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