Converting Word Documents to Web Pages

If you have information in a Word document that you want to let a large number of people read, you can convert the document to a Web page and then post the page on a Web site, the Internet, or your company intranet. Before you convert your document, however, check with your network administrator to see whether it's necessary. In some cases, you can put Word documents on company intranets without changing the document format at all.

Follow these steps to save a Word document as a Web page:

  1. Open the Word document that you want to convert or create a document now (see Figure 13.1).

    Figure 13.1. Open the document that you want to convert to a Web page.


  2. Choose File, Save As Web Page to display the Save As dialog box.

  3. Optionally click the Change Title button to revise the title that will appear in the title bar for the page. Then specify a name and location for the page (see Figure 13.2), and click the Save button.

    Figure 13.2. Choose a name and location for your Web page.


  4. You may see a message such as the one shown in Figure 13.3 stating how Word will modify formatting that can't be rendered in a Web page. If this modification is okay, click the Continue button.

    Figure 13.3. Word tells you it can't convert all the formatting in the Word document.


  5. The newly converted Web page appears in the Word window (see Figure 13.4). Word automatically switches to Web Layout view (View, Web Layout) whenever it displays a Web page.

    Figure 13.4. Word displays your Web page in Web Layout view.


  6. If you want to see what the page will look like when viewed in a browser, choose File, Web Page Preview.

  7. Your browser opens and displays the Web page. In Figure 13.5, the Web page is displayed in Internet Explorer. Close your browser when you're finished viewing the page.

    Figure 13.5. You can view your Web page in your browser to see how it will look to others.


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