Setting Accounting Preferences

Accounting preferences are rules for your QuickBooks program that relate to your company's unique way of using this program. Included in this section is the opportunity to turn on or off the account numbering feature, and the opportunity to use other important features such as class tracking and the audit trail. If you use an outside accountant, you will probably be required to use an audit trail. There's also an option here to require users to enter account numbers on QuickBooks forms.

Open the Preferences window by selecting Edit, Preferences. Click the Accounting icon on the left side of the window.

Click the Company Preferences tab at the top of the window. There are no options on the My Preferences tab.

Check the Use Account Numbers box to turn on the account numbers feature.

Check the Show Lowest Subaccount Only box if you use account numbers and you can display subaccounts independent of their parents on reports.

Check the Require Accounts box to prevent a user from exiting a form without entering related account information.

Did You Know?

Turning off account numbers does not remove the numbers. If you decide to turn off the account numbers option, for example if you want to print a report that doesn't display account numbers, the numbers you assigned to accounts remain in place. The next time you turn on account numbers, all the numbers return.

See Also

See "Setting Up Classes" on page 241 for information about creating and using the QuickBooks Class feature.

Check the Use Class Tracking box to enable the Class feature in QuickBooks. If you check this feature, you have an option of requesting that the user be prompted to assign classes.

Check the Automatically Assign General Journal Entry Number box if you want QuickBooks to keep track of the last journal entry number you used and automatically increment the number for the next journal entry.

Check the Warn When Posting a Transaction to Retained Earnings box if you want QuickBooks to provide a pop-up warning when changes are about to be made to Retained Earnings.

Indicate a date after which no entries can be made to your company file unless a password is entered.

Click to set up password protection for entries that occurred before your closing date.

Enter a password to protect entries that occurred before your closing date.

Re-enter the password.

Click OK.

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