Using Reminders

Paper to-do lists are so passé! Use the QuickBooks Reminders list to keep your desk space clean and your tasks organized. QuickBooks will remind you to notify your customers when their invoice payments are overdue, pay your bills, print your checks and other forms, follow up on unfilled purchase orders, deposit the money you've collected, execute memorized transactions, and more.

If the Reminders list is not visible on your screen, select Company, Reminders.

Double-click any summary entry (shown in bold) to see the detail that makes up that total.

Click Collapse All to show only the summary information for each type of entry.

Click Expand All to see details of all summary entries.

Double-click a detail entry to go to the original form for that entry or to execute a command associated with that entry.

Click Custom View to return to the display you chose in Reminders Preferences.

Press Esc or click the X to close the window.

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