How to Do Everything with HTML XHTML

James H. Pence

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How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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This book is lovingly dedicated to

My wife, the love of my life, Laurel. You believed in me, even
when I refused to believe in myself.

Robert Key. I write to support my outreach into the Texas prison system
and, humanly speaking, you are why I am doing that. Thank you for
inviting me in, brother.


About the Author

A full-time freelance writer with a broad diversity of writing experience, James strives for excellence in all his work. James is the author of Cascading Style Sheets: A Beginner’s Guide, published in 2001 by McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Also a novelist, James’s first suspense/thriller novel, Blind Sight, was published in 2003 by Tyndale House Publishers. He has contributed op-ed pieces to the Dallas Morning News and has been published in Writer magazine and the 2001 edition of The Writer’s Handbook. James is a 2003 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, where he trained in creative writing and journalism. He is an accomplished speaker and teacher, having served as an ordained minister for more than 20 years. James is also a gospel chalk artist and vocalist. He uses these talents in reaching out to inmates in the Texas prison system.

For more information about James Pence’s writing, his prison ministry, or his other creative endeavors, visit or e-mail him at


John Donne wrote that no man is an island unto himself. That is certainly true when it comes to writing a book. Many more have played a part in this book than space will allow me to mention, but some deserve special recognition.

Megg Morin, my acquisitions editor, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime—again! Thank you for all your help and encouragement as we’ve seen the second edition of this book become a reality.

Jennifer Malnick was a great help as my project editor. Thanks for helping to keep me on track, organized, and focused.

Andrea Boucher did a superb job as my copy editor. Thanks for smoothing out all my “rough spots” and helping me shape this book into something great.

My good friend and tech editor extraordinaire, George Semerenko, deserves a big thank you. Thanks for your attention to detail and for catching all the little things that I tend to miss.

Finally, my agent, Barbara Rosenberg, deserves credit for negotiating another great contract. Thanks, Barbara; I’m looking forward to many more projects.

By the way, thank you Sherry and John for suggesting I develop a seminar in HTML. If it hadn’t been for you, I’d have never written this book.

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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