Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Day 16.  Creating XML Web Services



How will Web services affect the average home user?


Chances are that everyday home users won't see them in action for quite some time. Web services often require a high-bandwidth connection to the Web, such as DSL or cable modem. Right now, there aren't enough people connected to the Web this way to warrant full-scale use of Web services.

The most likely place you'll see Web services is within businesses that maintain large and strong networks. Information technology groups will find it much cheaper and easier to manage user workstations because they won't have to install and maintain applications on every single computer.


Is there any way to test a Web service with an Http-Get method? How about with SOAP?


Absolutely. Simply append the function you want to test with any parameters to the address of the .asmx file. For example, you could use the following URL to test the calculator service's add method:

 http://localhost/tyaspnet21days/day16/ Calculator.asmx/Add?intA=1&intB=2 

Separate the function name from the URL with a forward slash, and append the parameters as you would with a querystring. This tests the service via the Http-Get protocol, and the returned XML data will be displayed in the same window.

You'll learn about using SOAP to test the service tomorrow when you examine using Web services from the client side.


Do my .disco files need to be named the same way as the Web service files?


No, but it's conventional to do so.


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