Deploying the Configuration Storage Server (CSS)

The Configuration Storage Server is the central repository for all of ISA's rules and configuration information, and is therefore an extremely important piece of the ISA Enterprise Environment. ISA Standard version does not have a CSS equivalent because the rules and configuration of the Standard version are all stored locally. It is important to understand how to deploy and work within the CSS model before deploying and administering ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition.

Determining CSS Placement

As previously mentioned, there are several deployment scenarios for the CSS, starting with simpler, smaller deployments and moving up to larger deployments. These scenarios are as follows:

  • CSS installed on the ISA Server itself

  • CSS installed on a separate server or servers running other services, such as a Domain Controller

  • CSS on a dedicated server

  • Multiple CSS Servers on multiple types of different servers

With CSS, the important thing to remember is that is should be secured and made highly redundant. In addition, there should be a local CSS replica relatively close to the ISA Arrays themselves. The ISA Servers need to constantly communicate to the CSS server to check for changes in policy.

Installing CSS

As soon as the decision has been made about where to install the CSS Server, the install process can begin. The following procedure describes the installation of CSS onto a separate server, in this case a Domain Controller:


Insert the ISA Server 2004 Media in the server's CD drive and wait for the setup dialog box to automatically appear. If it does not appear, double-click on the ISAAutorun.exe file in the root of the media directory.


Click on Install ISA Server 2004.


At the welcome screen, click Next to continue.


Select I Accept the Terms in the License Agreement and click Next.


Enter a User Name, Organization Name, and the Product Serial Number and click Next.


From the Setup Scenarios dialog box, shown in Figure 6.3, select to Install Configuration Storage Server and click Next.

Figure 6.3. Installing the Configuration Storage Server.


In the Component Selection dialog box, where ISA Server Management and Configuration Storage Server are selected for installation, leave the selections at the default and click Next.


From the Enterprise Installation Options, shown in Figure 6.4, select to Create a New ISA Server Enterprise and click Next.

Figure 6.4. Creating a new ISA Server Enterprise.


At the warning dialog box about creating a new CSS, click Next.


Under the Create New Enterprise dialog box, enter the Enterprise Name (for example, CompanyABC) and a description and click Next.


From the Enterprise Deployment Environment dialog box, shown in Figure 6.5, select I Am deploying in a Single Domain or in Domains with Trust Relationships and click Next.

Figure 6.5. Definining Enterprise deployment settings.


If deploying the ISA Enterprise into a workgroup environment, server certificates must be installed on each server and CSS system.


Enter a username and password of a domain admin into the subsequent dialog box and click Next.


Click the Install button to begin installing files.


After installation, click Finish.


Following installation, review the ISA Server Security Update Center, via the provided link that is displayed. This provides information on security updates or patches to ISA that may need to be deployed.

Setting Up Additional CSS Replicas

After the initial Enterprise has been created, it's possible to generate additional replicas of the Enterprise itself by re-running the setup and choosing to create a replica instead of a new Enterprise.

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