Proper preparation is vital to the success of a rapid development project. Companies and project teams must ready themselves for efficient development by investing in an adaptive foundation for development that encompasses a complete software development infrastructure.

This overarching adaptive infrastructure goes beyond the choice of tools, techniques, and practices, and mandates a significant investment in education and research activities necessary to maintain these elements as a suitable platform for ongoing rapid development projects.

The concepts of the adaptive foundation pervade every chapter of this book. For each tool, technique, and practice introduced, the underlying expectation is that every element adopted as part of an adaptive foundation will receive an appropriate level of investment.

Throughout the remainder of this book, we look at techniques that expand upon the J2EE platform as a basis for conducting the rapid development of enterprise software.

The next chapter looks at the techniques that have become synonymous with the subject of rapid application development and highlights the value of prototyping as part of the development process.

Additional Information

Although the contents of this book complement the J2EE platform, this book is not a reference manual for J2EE. If you require further information on the platform, an excellent starting point is Sun Microsystems' J2EE site, which contains a comprehensive listing of J2EE resources. The Sun Web site can be found at

    Rapid J2EE Development. An Adaptive Foundation for Enterprise Applications
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