• Cisco Secure Access Control Server (CSACS) is used to manage AAA services.

  • CiscoWorks is an enterprise tool used to monitor, manage, and configure Cisco devices. CiscoWorks' default port is 1741.

  • The CiscoWorks Management Center for PIX Firewalls (PIX MC) uses a Web-based interface for configuring and managing multiple PIX firewalls and Firewall Services Modules (FWSMs).

  • The PIX MC provides the capability to group devices with similar attributes. By using the Devices tab, you can create more groups. However, the default group is called Global Group .

  • The PIX MC provides mandatory or default rules for groups or devices. Keep the following in mind:

    • Mandatory rules ” These cannot be overridden, are applied at the group, and are ordered down to a device.

    • Default rules ” These can be overridden and are ordered from the device up to the enclosing groups.

  • The CiscoWorks Auto Update Server (AUS) is used to upgrade device software images and configuration files. The AUS's default port is 443.

  • The Auto Update Server configuration tabs are as follows :

    • Devices ” Provides summary information

    • Images ” Displays information about images, PDM images, and configuration files and allows you to add and remove firewall and PDM images

    • Assignments ” Enables you to change device-to-image and image-to-device assignments

    • Reports ” Displays reports

    • Admin ” Performs administrative tasks , such as changing passwords

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