List of Sidebars

Chapter 1: Why Doesn’t CRM Work?—Does the Customer Really Want to be Managed?

How Much Empowerment Is Too Much?

Chapter 3: “One Girl in a Convertible...”—It Takes More than a Database

The Kraft Online Community

Chapter 4: Why Do We Have Two Ears and Only One Mouth?—The importance of dialog

Winning the Game

Chapter 7: Type, Point, Click, and Send Now—Cheaper and faster than a letter, less intrusive than a phone call, less hassle than a fax

E-Mail Etiquette Tips

Chapter 9: Personalization Technology—Boon or Bust? Empowering the Customer Requires More than Just Personalization

Let Your Customers Know What You Are Doing
Why Personalize?

Chapter 10: But What About the Loyalty Card?—Does CMR Mean the End of Traditional Loyalty Marketing?

Use of Customer Information from Loyalty Cards

Chapter 12: All Cows Look Alike: Brand Building—It Begins and Ends with the Customer

Key Points

Chapter 14: Customer Service—Who Cares?—CMR Doesn’t Mean “Best Customer Service” for Everyone

It’s More than Good Service: It’s About ROI
A Few Reminders

Chapter 15: Which Customers and Why—You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Final Reminders

Chapter 17: There’s No Free Lunch—But CMR Should Not be an Added Expense

The New Rules of CMR


Concepts to Get You Started

Why CRM Doesn't Work(c) How to Win by Letting Customers Manage the Relationship
Why CRM Doesnt Work: How to Win By Letting Customers Manage the Relationship
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