Improvements to Laptop Support

Besides those features that improve the 2.6 kernel’s graphical interface support, the most striking improvement to laptop support relates to power management. With the improved and simplified device driver model in the 2.6 kernel, a more effective power management model is also possible.

The 2.6 kernel supports Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). While ACPI was included to some extent in the 2.4 kernel delivered with Fedora Core 1, it has been greatly improved in the latest kernel. In this new power management model, the kernel can communicate with all ACPI-compatible devices about their power states. Then, using ACPI tools, an systems administrator or advanced user can create rules that tell the devices how to react when different events occur. For example, you could have a Webcam turn off or the hard disk spin down when you ask to go into sleep mode.

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