Developing the Case Study

My experience with patterns is that the behavior and implementation of patterns is a mystery even after considerable thought and paper diagramming. Of course, if you are a student, your experience is probably to go ahead and implement the pattern as part of an exercise for class. My intent in this book is to give you the generic perspective that is useful in a pattern yet also hand you an implementation of the pattern that runs within the context of a larger application.

To fulfill this intent, I spend a chapter defining a fictitious company, the business drivers that lead to an update in the company's application, and the requirements that lead to an application that leverages Web Services. It would be exceptional if I could show you how to implement a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and we could sit and dissect it for weeks, but I have decided to use a smaller, more contained application centered on opening a coffee company to the broader world. My grandfather's coffee company, the P.T. Monday Coffee Company (based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, throughout the early 1900s), serves as the foundation for the case study. What makes this situation unique is showing how a niche player in the coffee industry can take advantage of Web Services to become a player in a larger integrated value chain.

Once I have laid out the groundwork for the company, I spend the remainder of the book showing various patterns and how those patterns fulfill the application architecture, design, and implementation.

At the time of publication, I did not have a complete application; rather, I focused on the pattern samples for Web Services. Over time, my intention is to fill out the application in the SourceForge open -source project. Details about how to download and run the application are available in Appendix A.

Web Service Patterns
Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
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Year: 2003
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