Repositioning the Characters

Before we move on to Chapter 12, there is one final thing to check in our characters so far: their overall position in Maya.

Switch to the side view and make sure the grid is enabled (Show > Grid). You will see that the characters are not aligned with the world correctly (the left panels of Figures 11.35 and 11.36). The two thick black lines of the grid show the world's root; the horizontal one is our floor.

Figure 11.35. Reposition Kila and her skeleton in the world.

Figure 11.36. Reposition Grae and his skeleton in the world.

Select KilaLOD and Root in the Outliner, moving them up the Y axis and along the Z axis until their feet rest on the horizontal line, as seen in Figure 11.35, right. Do the same for Grae: Select GraeLOD and Root in the Outliner then move them up as seen in Figure 11.36, right.

When finished, freeze the transforms on their LOD groups, making sure you only have Translate selected.

    Game Character Development with Maya
    Game Character Development with Maya
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