Chapter10.Using Databases: Storing and Retrieving Data

Chapter 10. Using Databases: Storing and Retrieving Data

Over the past two chapters, we have been learning about databases, including what servers are available and how to create databases and tables using Structured Query Language (SQL). With these in hand, it is time to begin looking at manipulating data. This chapter will focus on insertion, deletion, retrieval, and modification of data.

In this chapter, we will cover

  • How to insert data into our tables in our databases, including how to perform bulk inserts from files

  • How to retrieve data from our tables, including mechanisms to specify which data is returned

  • How to modify the data in our tables

  • How to completely remove data from our tables

  • How to perform more advanced SQL tasks, such as using functions and modifying table schemas

Core Web Application Development With PHP And MYSQL
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL
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