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E recommendations
E.164 address scheme
E.164 recommendation 2nd 3rd
E1 circuit 2nd 3rd
E1 interfaces, Asterisk and
E100P interface card
E911 protocol 2nd
ear and mouth signaling
early majority, market adoption cycle
early minority, market adoption cycle
echo 2nd
Echo command, Asterisk
echo suppression, Zaptel
Echopass, Inc.
echotraining setting, Zaptel configuration
edge of network
EF (Expedited Forwarding) class
eFax service provider
        fax-to-email gateway
        message notification for
        SMTP protocol for
        voice mail notification with, Asterisk
emergency dispatch 2nd
Emergency Responder, Cisco (CER)
encryption, media
end-to-end latency
endpoints 2nd 3rd
        compared to VoIP servers
        digital endpoints
        FXS/analog endpoints
        in gatekeeper zone, registration of
        IP address for
        legacy endpoints
enterprise network
ENUM protocol
EnumLookup command, Asterisk
equal sign (= or =>), assignment in configuration file 2nd
Erlang 2nd
Erlang B table
error abatement
error budget
error detection
        across network, in transport layer
        for a link, in data link layer
        for TCP transmission
Ethereal software 2nd 3rd
Ethernet Interface card
Ethernet packets
Ethernet, wireless
Ethernet: The Definitive Guide
EtherPeek VX (WildPacket)
event_log file, Asterisk
exclamation point (!), command, Asterisk CLI
EXEC command, AGI
Expedited Forwarding (EF) class
exten directive, Asterisk
EXTEN variable, Asterisk
extensions 2nd
        defining 2nd
extensions reload command, Asterisk CLI
extensions.conf file, Asterisk 2nd
        applications in
        call routing
        direct outbound dialing
        FMFM using
        including other configuration files in
        layout of
        ring group
        time-based context includes using
        variables in
Extreme FAX service provider
Eyebeam video phone

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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Year: 2005
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