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Sams Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes
By James V. Walker
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: October 18, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32724-4
Pages: 240

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   About the Author
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      Who Is This Book For?
      How Is This Book Organized?
      Conventions Used in This Book
   Part I.  Exchange Server 2003 Overview
        Lesson 1.  Introducing Exchange Server 2003
      New Features
      Messaging, Collaboration, and Presence in the Enterprise
      Choosing an Edition
      Installation Prerequisites
      Features No Longer Supported
        Lesson 2.  Understanding Exchange 2003 and Active Directory
      Why Active Directory?
      Why Windows Server 2003?
      Understanding Front-End Servers
      Understanding Back-End Servers
   Part II.  Exchange Server 2003 Administration Configuration and Administration
        Lesson 3.  Managing Users, Contacts, and Groups
      Administering Active Directory
      Managing Users with Active Directory
      Managing Contacts
      Working with Security and Distribution Groups
        Lesson 4.  Managing Exchange Server 2003 via Exchange System Manager
      What Is Exchange System Manager (ESM)?
      Installing the ESM
      Backward Compatibility with ESM
      Creating Mailbox Data Stores
      Creating Public Folder Data Stores
        Lesson 5.  Managing Mailboxes and Address Lists
      Understanding Mailbox Administration
      Managing Address Lists
        Lesson 6.  Managing Administrative Groups and Routing Groups
      Working with Administrative Groups
      Working with Routing Groups
      Configuring the X.400 Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and Parameters
      Configuring X.400 Connectors
      Configuring Routing Group Connectors
      Configuring SMTP Connectors
      Managing Connectors
        Lesson 7.  Using and Managing Public Folders
      Using and Accessing Public Folders
      Managing Public Folders
      Managing Public Folder Replication
        Lesson 8.  Configuring and Managing Virtual Servers
      Working with Virtual Servers
      Administering POP3 Virtual Servers
      Administering SMTP Virtual Servers
      Administering IMAP4 Virtual Servers
      Administering HTTP Virtual Servers
        Lesson 9.  Securing Exchange with Policies and Permissions
      Managing Policies
      Managing Permissions
      Securing Groups
      Using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
   Part III.  Exchange Server Email Clients: OWA, OMA, and Outlook 2003
        Lesson 10.  Managing Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA)
      Introducing OWA for Exchange Server 2003
      Introducing OMA for Exchange Server 2003
        Lesson 11.  Managing and Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
      Introducing the New Features in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
      Configuring Outlook 2003
      Introducing RPC over HTTP for Outlook 2003
   Part IV.  Performance, Optimization, and Disaster Recovery Techniques
        Lesson 12.  Performance Monitoring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting
      Message Tracking and Logging
      Managing and Troubleshooting Message Queues
      Monitoring Server Health and Performance
      Troubleshooting Exchange Databases
        Lesson 13.  Backing Up Data Stores with the Windows Server 2003 Backup Utility
      Choosing the Proper Backup Regimen
      Understanding the Basic Backup Types
      Understanding Which Components to Back Up
      Setting Up Recovery Storage Groups
        Lesson 14.  Restoring Data Stores with the Windows Server 2003 Backup Utility
      Choosing Which Components to Restore
      Using Recovery Storage Groups
        Lesson 15.  Exploring Exchange 2003 Tools, Resources, and Links
      Help! Where Can I Go?
      Backup Tools
      Antivirus Utilities
      AntiSpam Utilities
      Tapping into the Online Exchange Server Community

Sams Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes
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