5.1 Setting Up Web Companion for XML Requests

Browser Requirements

Specific browser requirements will be listed by each method of displaying XML with XSL, CSS, JavaScript, or other methods. Generally, Internet Explorer 5 for Windows and Macintosh will work for XML and XSL with FileMaker Pro web publishing. See Chapter 7 to learn how to use XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) to transform XML into HTML. Netscape 6 can be used for Document Object Model (DOM) with JavaScript and will be discussed later. Netscape 6.1 and greater are compliant with XML, XSLT, CSS 1 and 2, and DOM 1 and 2. The Microsoft web site has some updates for Windows and Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer on their web site, and Netscape is available for Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX on the Netscape web site. Some of the wireless devices may use a specific type of browser.

If you get unpredictable results when testing in your browser, you may wish to clear the cache and browser history. For testing purposes, you can set these both to 0 in your browser preferences. Sometimes the browser will remember the last page, even dynamically created ones. Clearing the cache and history forces it to return the true results of your XML request to FileMaker Pro.

Filemaker Pro 6 Developer's Guide to XML(s)XSL
FileMaker Pro 6 Developers Guide to XML/XSL (Wordware Library for FileMaker)
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