Chapter 5. Hewlett-Packard Fibre Channel Products


This chapter discusses:

  • Hewlett-Packard Fibre Channel products [1]

    [1] Hewlett-Packard will be producing new/more products as time goes on.

    - Two of Hewlett-Packard's Fibre Channel Chips

    - Fibre Channel Adapters

    - FC-AL Hub

    - High Availability Fibre Channel Disk Array

    - SCSI Multiplexer

    - Hewlett-Packard's Fibre Channel Switch

  • Hewlett-Packard systems supporting Fibre Channel [2]

    [2] Hewlett-Packard will be adding more systems to the supported list as they become available.

  • Topologies/solutions using Fibre Channel


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Fibre Channel for Mass Storage
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