Chapter 11. Displays

CRT Displays
LCD Displays
Troubleshooting Display Problems

For most people, a display is something that came with the last computer they boughtor the one before that. Few people ever think about upgrading their displays, and that's unfortunate. Even the newest, fastest system is hampered by an old, small, dim, fuzzy display. Fortunately, upgrading your display is easyusually it's a simple matter of buying it and plugging it inand nowadays it's cheaper than ever. Unless your current display is top-notch, consider upgrading it. Your eyes will thank you.

Two display technologies compete for consumers' dollars. A CRT display (Cathode Ray Tube) uses the older technology, but CRTs have significant price and other advantages and so retain significant market share. An LCD display (Liquid Crystal Diode) uses the newer technology and has advantages all its own. After you read this chapter, you'll know which of these two technologies is the right choice for you.


For some reason, most people refer to a CRT display as a monitor and an LCD monitor as a display, although in fact the terms are interchangeable.

Repairing and Upgrading Your PC
Repairing and Upgrading Your PC
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