1.2 Can Best Practices Be Arguable?

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Absolutely. As I've frequently scribbled on early drafts of these chapters, the term "best practice" implies that there is a "not-so-best practice" that should be avoided. However, you might disagree . It could be that you've found something that works well for you that was in fact discouraged by one of our authors. Or maybe you have something to add. Perhaps you've even found a better solution and you'd like to share it.

With that in mind, we certainly don't want this compendium of advice to degenerate into a stale set of obsolete guidelines. We actively seek and encourage your comments! Hence, we've set up a discussion forum for these books on the O'Reilly Network web site, which is located at:


Here, you can discuss with others (and occasionally with me and even the authors) what works best or worst for you and in which environments.

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The OReilly Java Authors - JavaT Enterprise Best Practices
The OReilly Java Authors - JavaT Enterprise Best Practices
Year: 2002
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