learn to adapt (evolution of technology)

if one thing is certain, it's that technology is always advancing. people have a bad habit of getting used to something, and then hesitating to move forward. as a hacker, you must learn to adapt with and accept changes as they are usually for the better.

warning: i'm about to get philosophical.

the evolution of technology is a remarkable thing, and a theory presented to me by ryan s. gregory says where it is going. a lot of people believe that aliens exist, and no i'm not talking about the microscopic organisms but rather the bug-eyed praying mantis looking characters. i wouldn't say that i believe in aliens, but i wouldn't say that i don't believe in them either; i am certainly open-minded to the idea that they could exist. ryan's theory sheds an interesting light on this topic that i have found almost enlightening.

what are the most common things that (abducted) people seem to mutually agree with about aliens?

  • their appearance: they are tall, skinny, with large insect-like eyes.

  • having telepathy and space crafts that appear to defy the laws of gravity, they are far more technologically advanced than humans.

one belief states that aliens are our creators, or gods. ryan's theory states quite the opposite; that we are the creators of aliens and that aliens are actually human beings. it's interesting if you really think about it; consider the following:

  • we are constantly exploring ways to survive on other planets.

  • science states that we would be naturally taller if born and raised on a planet with less gravity.

  • we currently do have the technology to genetically clone living organisms.

hover-crafts, telepathy, teleportation, etc (all being explored); these technologies are advancing every day. why become a cyborg when there is a genetic, better alternative? the idea is that aliens are nothing more than human beings that have genetically altered their own bodies and minds to adapt to the conditions of space, kind of like a spacesuit made out of living tissue that has been surgically attached; it makes perfect sense (and also ruins a lot of sci-fi movies). sure it's a little bit egotistical to believe that we are the most intelligent species in the universe, but why not? the only question i have left is, what in the hell do aliens do for entertainment out in space, hack the make-up of some solar system? hah, ub3r geeks!

if they do exist then we're probably their version of homo sapiens neanderthalensis; and that my friends, is evolution. stephen hawking's got nothing on m3h! i mean, ryan…

we could even go beyond evolution and into religion. bear with me here… if we can hack genetics, to survive in space or bring extinct creatures back to life using their preserved dna, then what would stop us from creating the beasts of revelations? to a christian, a cloned human being is a soulless human being, can we say, anti-christ?

they say god will come when we least expect him, and we will least expect him when we are gods ourselves.

the bible even implies that god, angels, etc are in fact genetic as opposed to the dreamy spiritual like beings movies portray. heaven & hell could be out there in space, waiting to be found. we would just need new (but still genetic) bodies to get there.

btw if there are any movie directors out there reading this, give me a call. i've got a whole other book (or script) waiting to be written on this crap.

Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
Tapeworm - 1337 Hax or Handbook
Year: 2005
Pages: 74

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