Working with Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great way to keep your favorite sites handy all the time. Netscape makes bookmarking sites easy, and offers a couple of ways for you to have one-click access to those bookmarked sites.

There are a couple of different ways to bookmark a site in Navigator. One is the old-fashioned way: Go to a site you like, open the Bookmarks menu and select Add Current Page. Without hesitation, the page jumps into your Bookmarks list.

Earlier in this chapter, you learned how to add a tab to your Sidebar. One of the tabs that you can add is Bookmarks. After you've added it, if you have that tab displayed on your Sidebar, you can drag the address of the site you're visiting (by grabbing the icon to the left of the address) onto the Sidebar, and it will drop into your Bookmarks list automatically.

Putting Bookmarks in Your Personal Toolbar

Okay now, try not to get confused . We know there's a Personal Bar in Explorer, but this is different. In Navigator, the Personal Toolbar is that thin bar that runs right above the top of the browser's main window; it includes the Home and My Netscape buttons (see Figure 9.17).

Figure 9.17. The Personal Toolbar can be personalized in Netscape.


You can add your most important Bookmarks to this toolbar. To do so, open the Bookmarks menu and select Manage Bookmarks (see Figure 9.18). Now, simply drag any bookmark you have into the Personal Toolbar folder area, place it in the order you want it to appear, and release it.

Figure 9.18. You can add bookmarks to your Personal Toolbar.


When you close the Manage Bookmarks window, your Personal Toolbar will contain any of the bookmarks you put there. Now, the next time you want to go to that page, it's literally one click away!

Removing Bookmarks from the Personal Toolbar

Okay, so that site you used to visit all the time just doesn't do it for you anymore. And it's just taking up space on the Personal Toolbar. You can remove it just as easily as you put it there in the first place.

Just go back to the Manage Bookmarks window. There, you can either drag the offending bookmark to the bottom pane, thus relegating it to a spot among the "regular" bookmarks, or you can highlight and press your delete key, thus getting rid of it altogether.

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