Dwight Lee and Richard McKenzie, authors of Getting Rich in America (1999), have this advice concerning schooling: your goal should be to discover not only what is financially rewarding , but also intellectually satisfying to you. How do you do that?

  1. Select a wide range of academic topics, thus increasing your choices for career paths.

  2. Remember that broad education produces well-rounded employees with the versatility to advance in organizations.

  3. Take advantage of specialized training employers offer.

What sorts of graduates are hired ? These employers hire those with good general education and efficient learning skills as evidenced by degree completion, good grades, and well- chosen coursework. A further hiring factor is the peer group or cohort with whom students associate while in school. To complete a degree in the company of those who compete , cooperate, and thrive in the zeitgeist of college years is a mark of achievement. Showing the ability to influence and lead that cohort group produces an even stronger track record.

How do you favorably influence your peer group before or after graduation?

Interacting in groups and organizations

Showing the ability to work hard

Demonstrating trustworthiness

Impressing these attributes on an increasing network of people

What arena provides an opportunity to showcase these attributes? Meeting management!

Think about it: few people see you at your desk writing reports or telephoning or using your computer productively. They do see the results of these activities, but it's hard to ascribe leadership capability to a desk-sitter. To be perceived as a competent, capable leader on a campus or in an organization, you need to leave your desk and get in front of a group, leading them to do something worthwhile. Managing meetings is definitely a step in the right direction.

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